Duality is something man was destined to harbor.  We all have things we’d rather not talk about.  These insecurities, these unattractive human qualities become the hub for my body of work forcing acknowledgement of something hidden deep within ourselves. 

          Currently, I’m obsessed with duality pertaining to gender and identity and how it manifests itself in our personality causing our insecurities to surface veiling our true self.  We teeter on this precarious tight rope constantly falling to one side or the other rarely staying precisely on track.  It’s confidence that keeps us upright.  The viewer is forced to confront the ambiguity of identity blurring the line between femininity and masculinity postulating the concept of androgyny as an authentic depiction of our nature.  I depict men surrounded by the original beauty, nature.  They are masters of their domain confident and secure with themselves and their surrounding. 

The Rise of A King_2012_Acrylic on Canvas.jpg